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Course Name        :   SAFe
Duration                 :  38 hrs


    DevOps overview

    Ø  Introduction to DevOps;

    Ø  DevOps Evolution;

    Ø  DevOps Life Cycle

    Ø  Introduction to Agile methodology;

    Ø  How DevOps appreciates Agile Methodology

    Ø  Introduction to various DevOps tools;

    Ø  Version Control Systems/Continuous Integration/Artifact Repository/Continuous Deployment Toolsand Monitoring Tools;


    Version Control Systems

    Ø  Overview of various version control systems;

    Ø  Local/Centralized/Distributed VCS and their Strengths and Weaknesses;


    Ø  Introduction to git;

    Ø  Install and configure git;

    Ø  Create a git repository;

    Ø  Clone a git repository;

    Ø  Various git commands (add/commit/push/pull/status/log/diff/rm/mv)

    Ø  Create GitHub account; Setup projects in GitHub

    Ø   Introduction to git branch; create, merge and delete git branches;


    Continuous Integration

    Ø  Introduction to Continuous integration; and various CI tools


    Ø  Introduction to Jenkins;

    Ø  Install and configure Jenkins;

    Ø  Install plugins in Jenkins;

    Ø  Create various types of build jobs(Maven/Freestyle/Parameterized/Pipeline);

    Ø  Demo various Jenkins build jobs;



    Ø  Introduction to Maven;

    Ø  Setup a maven project in Jenkins;

    Ø  Integrate Jenkins with Git;

    Ø  Pull a project from git and build it from Jenkins;

    Ø  Demo a build job which pulls code from GitHub and builds it using Jenkins


    Artifact Repository

    Ø  Introduction to artifacts and various artifact repository tools


    Ø   Introduction to Nexus;

    Ø  Install and configure Nexus on Linux and Windows;

    Ø  Publish artifacts to Nexus via nexus CLI and also via Jenkins

    Ø  Pull the artifacts from Nexus


    Virtualization and Cloud Technologies

    Ø  Introduction to Virtualization.

    Ø  Introduction to various hypervisor tools like VMWare/Virtual Box/Vagrant/Xen;

    Ø  Create a VM in VMware and use it in DevOps Practice;

    Ø  Introduction to Cloud technologies.

    Ø  Introduction to various infrastructure cloud providers


    Ø   Demo on spinning up an instance in AWS and connect it from your desktop.

    Ø  Create security groups in AWS and setting up firewall rules in AWS;

    Continuous Deployment

    Ø  Introduction to Continuous deployment;

    Ø   Introduction to various deployment tools like Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Salt.


    Ø  Introduction to Chef

    Ø  Install and configure Chef Server; On-Premise and Hosted Chef Server;

    Ø  Install and configure Chef Workstation;

    Ø  Establish connection between chef server and chef workstation;

    Ø  Install and configure Chef Client;

    Ø  Install Chef Manually and Install Chef Using Knife Bootstrap

    Ø  Develop Cookbooks in Chef Workstation and Upload the same in Chef Server.

    Ø  And apply cookbooks to nodes by creating Run-list.

    Ø   Introduction to Roles, Environments, Recipes, Organizations and other chef terminology;

    Ø  Introduction Cookbooks, recipes, attributes and data bags

    Ø  Demo on Creating a role in chef environment and assign it to a node and see the configuration change on node after chef-client run;



    Ø  Introduction to various Monitoring tools.


    Ø  Introduction to Nagios;

    Ø  Install and configure Nagios Server;

    Ø  Install and configure Nagios Client;

    Ø  Install various Nagios plugins in server and client;

    Ø  Add a Nagios client to server and verify the communication;

    Ø  Identify and add metrics to be monitored in client and view the status in Nagios Dashboard.




    Ø  Other Tools used in DevOps.

    Ø  Docker




    We will develop a project which involves complete DevOps life cycle from end to end. That means from check-in the code to git, build it using Jenkins, Storing Artifact in Nexus, and deploy the code on node using chef and add the node to monitoring.


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