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Solaris Admin

Course Name        :   SUN-SOLARIS-10(SA-1) Online Training
Duration                 :  40 hrs


    System Administration Paper 1

    • Basic UNIX Commands
    • System Concepts
      • Understanding different hosts in Solaris Environment
      • Understanding types of servers and clients in Solaris Environment
    • Administration And Configuration Of CDE
      • Understanding CDE environment on Sun-Solaris
      • Installation of Sun-Solaris on SPARC and INTEL
      • Installation on standalone
      • Network installation
    • File System:
      • Introduction to file system
      • Understanding different types of file systems
      • Creating a file system using format command
      • Converting the file system to UFS using newfs
      • Mounting and un-mounting file systems
      • Understanding vfstab and mnttab files
      • Inconsistency checking using fsck
      • Troubleshooting file systems with fsck
    • User Administration
      • Understanding types of groups
      • Creating groups, modifying and deleting
      • Creating users, modifying and deleting
      • Administration of initialization files and customizing
      • Monitoring of users
      • Understanding password aging
      • Advance file permissions using ACL
      • RBAC with RBAC and administer can assign privileged functions to specific user accounts
      • System security
      • Troubleshooting
    • Boot Process
      • Understanding booting process on SPARC & INTEL
      • Understanding commands under OK prompt
    • Run Levels
      • Understanding different types of run levels
      • Understanding default run level and customizing
      • Understanding R-C scripts
      • Adding and modifying run control scripts ( R-C scripts )
      • Understanding different types of shutdown commands
      • Changing the init phases
      • Troubleshooting
    • Volume Management
      • Understanding different types of file systems like UFS, PCFS, NFS, HSFS, CACHEFS, AUTOFS, UDFS, LOFS
      • Mounting and un-mounting CD’s
      • Troubleshooting
    • Backup & Recovery
      • Understanding types of backups
      • Understanding various file backups using tar, cpio, dd
      • Creation of snap shot for backups
      • Understanding backup levels and backup strategies
      • Understanding file system backups using ufsdump, ufsrestore
      • Performing full / incremental / cumulative backups
      • Performing local / remote backup restore
    • Schedule Jobs
      • At jobs
      • Cron jobs
      • DISK QUOTAS:
      • Creating quotas for users by allocating disk space for user home directory
    • Swap Management
      • Adding internal and external swap areas
      • Creating static and dynamic swap swap areas
    • Process Control
      • Understanding standalone daemons and transient daemons
    • Package Administration
      • Adding the packages, verifying the packages and checking the packages, pkgadd , pkgrm, pkginfo, pkgchk, pkgparam, spooling commands

    SUN-SOLARIS-10(SA-2) System Administration Paper 2

    • Networking Tools
      • Understanding & implementing ping, telnet, rlogin, rcp, rsh, rup and ftp, ssh & scp
      • Understanding and communicating remote Unix servers using rlogin
      • Implementing trusted relationship between users of remote servers
    • Network File System(NFS)
      • Understanding and configuring NFS server and NFS client
      • Understanding different files, daemons, commands at NFS server and NFS client
      • Configuring auto-mount with direct and indirect mapping
      • Configuring cachefs over NFS with statistics
    • FTP Server:
      • Configuring ftp server with real and anonymous users
      • Understanding security files
    • Naming Information Service(NIS):
      • Naming services overview
      • Understanding network information service (NIS)
      • Configuring NIS master , NIS slave, NIS clients
      • Understanding difference between NIS and NIS+
    • Solaris Syslog
      • Managing syslog messages
      • Exploring different facilities and error messages
    • Advance Installation
      • Introducing delegates
      • Working with Events
      • Introducing Generics
      • Generics and Arrays
    • Advance Installation:
      • Custom jumpstart installation
    • Domain Naming Service(DNS):
      • Understanding domain naming service
      • Configuring primary DNS server, Secondary DNS server, and DNS clients
    • DHCP
      • Configuring DHCP server and DHCP client
    • Samba Server
      • Configuring samba server for sharing files between Unix to Unix and Unix to windows
      • Configuring samba web administration tool(swat)
    • Solaris Volume Manager
      • Configuring DHCP server and DHCP client
    • Samba Server
      • Introduction to SVM
      • Introduction to online disk 4.2 version(ODS), configuration of solstice online disk suite(4.2)
      • Implementation of online disk suite with raid levels (0, 1,0+1 &5)
      • Extending meta device size with growfs
      • Troubleshooting

    Key Benefits:

    • Exposure to real time scenarios.
    • Job oriented training program.
    • Training in an enterprise highly focused in recruitment.
    • Resume Preparation and Interview Tips
    • Q & A
    • Mock Interview.

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    • 2 weeks, 6 days

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