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Sales Force CRM

Course Name : Sales Force CRM Online Training
Duration : 40 hrs


    • Cloud Computing Introduction
      • Introduction
      • Evolution of cloud computing
      • Comparison with other computing techniques
      • Characteristics of cloud computing
      • Advantages and Disadvantages
      • Classification of cloud services
      • Paas (Platform as a Service)
      • Saas (Software as a Service)
      • Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)
    • Identity Confirmation
      • CRM functionalities / Products of SF / Login to SF page
      • Sales Architecture, Lead Conversation, Accounts, Contacts
    • Customization
      • Create custom Profiles and Users.
      • Custom objects, Custom Fields and Custom Tabs.
      • Customizing relationships, Formula Fields and Roll up summary fields.
      • Define dependent Pick Lists
      • Customize page layouts, Record Types
      • Customize std. related list.
      • Learn about record types and business processes.
      • Use Field level Security
    • Security and Access
      • Set Organization–Wide Defaults (OWD)
      • Role Hierarchy / Public Groups / Queues / permission Sets
      • Sharing Rules
    • Workflow
      • Define Work flow
      • Setup workflow rules
      • Setup Workflow Tasks and Email Alerts and field Updates.
    • Approval Process
      • Plan approvals using workflows
      • Use the approval wizard – Std. vs. Jump Start
      • Create workflow approvals
    • Data Validation
      • Learn about SF CRM data validation
      • Create Data Validation rules.
      • Learn about the custom fields and unique properties
    • Data Utilities
      • Import records using the import wizards.
      • Apex Data loader tool.
    • Analytics
      • Create Report Types
      • Create Custom Reports
      • Learn about advanced filters and conditional highlighting in reports
      • Use Custom Summary Formulas
      • Create Dashboards
    • The App Exchange
      • Learn about App Exchange
      • Install an App.
      • Uninstall and App.
    • Extending SF CRM
      • Learn Custom Wed Tabs
      • Build a custom tab

    Development of Sales Force

    • Introduction to Apex: Apex Language Fundamentals
      • Data types(Primitive Data Types, sObjects types)
      • Writing basic anonymous blocks with Apex Data Types.
      • Use of DML Statements.
      • Sample Programs using the above concepts
    • Retrieving records from the Database.
      • sObjects Relationships
      • SOQL, SOSL, Apex Sharing
      • Sample programs using the above concepts
    • Collections
      • Types of collections
      • Creating and Apex Class
      • Calling a Class Method
      • Alternative Apex Class Creation
    • Triggers
      • Trigger events, Trigger Syntax, Trigger Context Variables.
      • Context Variable considerations, Bulk Triggers
      • Sample Programs using above concepts(using maps and sets in the Bulk triggers)
      • Order of Execution
      • Governor Limits
    • Deployment (Testing Apex)
      • Deployment overview (Understanding Testing in Apex)
      • Annotations
      • Deploying APEX in to another organization.
      • Testing Example
      • Sample programs using above concept
    • Batch Apex
    • Debugging Apex
    • Deploying
      • By using Change Sets
      • By using Force.com IDE tool
      • By using Force.com Migration Tool Kit.
    • Apex Scheduler
    • Visual Force Pages
      • Introduction About VF pages
      • What is VF page / VF markup Language / VF Controllers
      • How is Visual Force Architected?
    • Understanding Simple Variables and Formulas
      • Global Variables
      • Basic Formulas
      • Conditionals
    • Creation of Visual Force Pages tags

    (Page Tags, Input Tags, Output Tags, Action Tags, Select Tags, Other Tags)

    • Overriding Buttons, Links and Tabs with Visual Force
    • VF Tabs
    • Controllers
      • Standard Controllers
      • Custom Controllers
      • Controller Extensions
    • Sample Programs using above concepts

    Key Benefits:

    • Exposure to real time scenarios.
    • Job oriented training program.
    • Training in an enterprise highly focused in recruitment.
    • Resume Preparation and Interview Tips
    • Q & A
    • Mock Interview.

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    • 2 weeks, 6 days

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