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Course Name        :   Project Management Professional (PMP)
Duration                 :  45 hrs


    Eazygurus offers the very best certification training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®. Eazygurus is the Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI). This course is open to all Project Managers who want to earn a respectable credential in the field of project management. PMI certification ensures that you have a solid background in handling and managing even the most complex projects. This certification is a must-have for any aspiring project managers who want to secure a strong career in this industry.

    PMP is offered by PMI. There are more than half million PMPs in 193 countries. PMP is recognized as one of the TOP certifications, offers better job opportunities, promotional opportunities, and demonstrates that the holder of the certification can manage projects and drive them successfully. In the year 2012, 2013, & 2014 PMP credential has been ranked as a top certification by CIO, Global Knowledge, and About.com.

    Check out more about PMP on PMI Website and on Wikipedia:

    What is a PMP Certified Professional?

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    • More than 600,000 certified PMP’s world over
    • PMP makes an average $1,08,000 per annum
    • Project Management Professional (PMP) – It is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI, USA)
    • PMP is Globally accepted, across domains, challenging, examination-based, professional certification program
    • If you are having experience and take the minimum 35 hours of Formal Project Management Education required from a training company you can take PMP exam
    • Take PMP® exam of 4 hours duration with 200 objective type of questions.

    Why PMP is right for you?

    • Check on Linkedin how people write it after their name with pride. It is the top skill for 2015
    • It is Globally recognized and respected certification
    • Establish your proficiency in Project Management.
    • In the future more and more corporate work will be done through focused time and cost conscious projects
    • There is more money in project management
    • It is one of the top five skill for certification for 2012
    • You do not need to be knowing coding or programming
    • It is challenging, exciting, ever changing, dynamic, energetic, and passionate work
    • The government requires you to be Certified PMP if you want to work on government projects- ask NASA or Lockheed Martin PM’s
    • Increase your visibility in the company you work and add more value to your profile
    • Learn the best practices in project management and increase the success rate of your projects by applying PMBOK methodology
    • Earn a better salary and better job opportunities – bases on survey results. PMP® Certified project managers earn 20% more salary than project managers not having PMP® Certification.

    The PMP Exam Application Process

    • Visit the PMI website or talk to our trainers: If you are not sure whether you should go for this or not, we recommend downloading and reviewing the PMI PMP Handbook will help. Or simply call us and we can help you.
    • Register on the Website of PMI- www.pmi.org without paying any money and you will see lot of valuable information.
    • Please Verify About Your Eligibility: There are some education, experience, and project management study that have to be met to qualify for the PMP. Learn more about the PMP requirements by calling our trainer or coordinator.
    • You Attend PMP Prep Class: You take a prep class for two reasons, one it ensures that you have the required 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) or Contact hours. Our PMP Exam Preparation program provides all the required PDUs, and second it teaches you the PMBOK framework. We also provide test-taking strategies so that you are ready to take the test. We guarantee you will pass the test if you follow our methodology!
    • You have to Complete, Review, & Submit Your PMP Application Form: We will help you in explaining the application requirements and the form should be completed on the PMI website, once completed a test date can be scheduled, after approval from PMI.
    • Schedule the Exam by Finalizing & Signing-up for a PMP Exam Date : Once your application has been approved, pay the required fee, and if accepted, schedule a date for the PMP Exam
    • Pass the Test and Get Certified: Wow!! Now You’ve earned your PMP by passing the test! Now is the time to go to your boss and demand a pay raise or update your resume and put “PMP” next to your name to get that job you always wanted to do!!

    Why Eazygurus?

    • Proven system and methodology to help you succeed
    • More than 1,000 successful PMP certified professionals through the system
    • We guarantee certification for full fee paying professionals, if you are not using any discount coupons, you automatically qualify for this program
    • Do not need to take off from work even for a day
    • Get certified in 6 weeks or in a boot camp over the course of four Saturdays , two full weekends or during the week; Monday through Thursday
    • Tailor made program to each individual’s need and capabilities
    • Best faculty in the field for PMP training, world known figure
    • Attend 13 sessions of 3 hours each and do 6 mocks after that
    • Question and answer after each session, test yourself where you stand
    • Assessment after each mock by instructor
    • FREE Assistance with application completion-do’s and dont’s
    • Placement assistance to right candidates by our marketing team to our direct clients
    • Highest success rate 98% for serious students
    • Guaranteed to run every month even if less students
    • Lower prices, companies such as Global Knowledge charge around $3000 for a four day boot camp
    • Online or in-class whichever you like to take depending on your choice, preferences, and availability
    • Great references from successful candidates, you will be given a list of successful students, you can call anyone

    When to go for in class training?

    • You like face to face interaction than just sitting in your home being surrounded with things and chores that you have to do
    • You want to be in a group environment and you learn by interacting with group members and the trainer
    • You have just finished your last project and are in between projects and have enough time to attend classroom training.
    • You have taken a challenge and want to focus only on PMP Training and knock it off from your list quickly.
    • You like the rigor of a classroom training. You believe in doing one thing at a time. You compare where you stand in front of others
    • You think you need motivation from group members and will not take self paced online course seriously
    • Your Employer is paying for your classroom training and you do not worry about the costs
    • You can afford the Classroom courses and are comfortable in making that investment in yourself. You are the one who starts by making an investment and then live up to it
    • You would like to a part of study group and learn through group interaction after the classes

    Why Online Training is good for you?

    • You like to study from the comfort of your home while sipping coffee
    • You like the Online learning convenience and ease and need structured learning content
    • You are comfortable with self-study mode and would not require trainer assistance
    • You want to learn at your own pace. Learn, Rewind, and Listen repetitively
    • You are self motivated and do not need any hand holding
    • You have Time Constraints and you are too busy to sit in a training room for multiple days of classroom training
    • You cannot afford to waste time commuting to a training center.

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