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PeopleSoft CRM

Course Name         :   PeopleSoft CRM Online Training
Duration                 :  35 hrs


    • Business Process Overview
      • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Common Components
      • Describing Customer Management
      • Describing Workforce Management
      • Describing Product Management
      • Describing Common Features
    • Getting Started With CRM
      • Describing Sign-in Security Access
      • Signing In to PeopleSoft Applications
      • Explaining the Features of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
      • Using Navigational Aids to Maximize Efficiency
      • Describing Elements of Components
      • Describing Search Pages
      • Describing Methods for Efficient Searching
    • Viewing and Modifying Data
      • Describing Effective Dating
      • Describing Action Types
    • Describing Data in Tables
      • Describing Types of Tables
      • Describing Processing and Default Tables
      • Describing Translate Tables
      • Describing Transaction and Control Tables
    • Defining Business Units, SetIDs, and Tableset Controls
      • Describing the Association of Tables with Business Units and SetIDs
      • Setting Up Values in a Control Table
      • Developing Tableset Sharing Architecture
    • Working With the Customer Data Model
      • Describing the Customer Data Model
    • Managing Customers
      • Setting Up Control Values for Customers
      • Setting Up Companies
      • Setting Up Contact Information
      • Setting Up Persons
      • Setting Up Sites
      • Using Quick Create
    • Managing Workers in Customer-Facing Applications
      • Describing Workers
      • Setting Up Definitional Data for Workers
      • Creating Workers
      • Defining Worker Information
      • Describing Employee-Facing Applications
    • Working with the 360-Degree View and the Relationship Viewer
      • Using the 360-Degree View
      • Viewing and Maintaining Relationships
    • Managing Contacts and Tasks
      • Describing Contact Management
      • Managing Contacts and Tasks
      • Setting Up Task Management
    • Managing Worklists and Notifications
      • Managing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Worklists
      • Setting Up and Using Manual Notifications
    • Managing Product Definitions
      • Describing Products
      • Setting Up Control Tables for Products
      • Setting Up Product Definitions
      • Setting Up Product Packages
    • Managing Installed Products
      • Describing Installed Products
      • Setting Up Installed Product Tracking
      • Tracking Installed Products
    • Evaluating Integration, Automation, and Configuration Options
      • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Integrations
      • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Configuration Tools

    Key Benefits:

    • Exposure to real time scenarios.
    • Job oriented training program.
    • Training in an enterprise highly focused in recruitment.
    • Resume Preparation and Interview Tips
    • Q & A
    • Mock Interview.

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    • 2 weeks, 4 days

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