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Oracle AIA

Course Name: Oracle AIA (Application Integration Architecture)
Duration: 30 hrs


    • Introduction to Application Integration Architecture (AIA)
      • Describe the AIA Concepts & Products
      • Explain the AIA Value Proposition
      • Explain Types of Integrations Supported by AIA
      • Explain typical AIA Project Lifecycle
    • Enterprise Mediation (EBO, EBS, EBM)
      • Describe Enterprise Business Objects
      • Describe Enterprise Business Services
      • Describe Enterprise Business Messages
      • Describe Service Construction
      • Outline SOA Development Lifecycle
    • Functional Design of an Integration
      • Create a new AIA Project
      • Add an existing service into an AIA Project
      • Create a new service solution component request
      • Analyze the Participating Application Connectivity Technology
      • Define the Deployment Strategy
    • Technical Design of an Integration
      • Introduce Technical Components of an AIA Project
      • Analyze the ABM to EBM mapping
      • Design the EBSs
      • Design the EBFs
      • Design the ABCSs
    • Business Process Orchestration
      • Describe Concepts of Business Process Orchestration
      • Create an Enterprise Business Flows (EBF)
    • Service Deployment
      • Explain AIA Deployment Plan
      • Create a Bill of Materials
      • Create a Deployment Plan
      • Package Integration Solution (PIP)
      • Deploy AIA Content Manually
    • Testing & Maintenance
      • Describe Test & Maintain AIA Integrations
      • Create CAVS Simulators
      • Describe Versioning
      • Describe AIA Error Handling & Logging
      • Describe AIA Guaranteed Message Delivery

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