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BizTalk Server

Course Name         :   BizTalk Server Online Training
Duration                 :  35 hrs


    • Introduction to BizTalk Server
      • What Is BizTalk Server?
      • What’s New in BizTalk Server?
      • The BizTalk Server Development Environment
      • High Level Data Flow of Biztalk Server
      • Biztalk Server Architecture
    • Creating Schemas
      • Introduction to BizTalk Schemas
      • Schema Properties and Generating Schemas
      • Creating XML and Flat-File Schemas
      • Flat File Wizard
      • EDI Schemas
    • Creating Maps
      • Creating a BizTalk Map
      • Configuring Basic Functions.
      • Configuring Advanced Functions
      • Manipulate data by using Functions and add Functions to a map
      • Perform advanced mapping operations by using advanced Functions
    • Routing BizTalk Messages
      • Introduction to Message Routing
      • Configuring Message Routing
      • Configuring Receive and Send Ports
      • Tracking Message Activity
    • Creating a BizTalk Orchestration. Integrating with Adapters & HAT
      • Introduction to BizTalk Orchestration
      • Building an Orchestration
      • Introduction to BizTalk Adapters
      • Configuring a BizTalk Adapter
      • Monitoring Orchestrations
      • Using Health and Activity Tracking tool
      • Debugging Orchestration
    • Integrating with .Net Assemblies, Web Services and Using Property Schemas
      • Introduction to .Net Assemblies & Web Services Integration
      • Consuming a .Net Assembly & Web Service
      • Using an Orchestration with .Net Assembly and Web Service
    • Using Envelope Schemas & Creating Pipelines
      • Creating Envelope Schema
      • Introduction to Pipelines
      • Building a Pipeline
    • Integrating Business Rules
      • Introduction to Business Rules
      • Integrating Business Rules
    • Using Parallel Actions, Correlation sets, Exception Handling & Compensation Blocks
      • WCF and BizTalk
      • Using WCF line of Business Adapters to connect to different application
      • ESB and BizTalk
      • EDI messaging in BizTalk
      • Transactions in BizTalk
      • Scaling of BizTalk environment

     Key Benefits:

    • Exposure to real time scenarios.
    • Job oriented training program.
    • Training in an enterprise highly focused in recruitment.
    • Resume Preparation and Interview Tips
    • Q & A
    • Mock Interview.

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    • 2 weeks, 4 days

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