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Android Application Development

Course Name        :   Android Application Development
Duration                 :   40 hrs


    1) Overview of Java (5 Hrs)

    • Java Basics
    • Object Oriented Concepts
    • Advanced Java Concepts (Array List, Hash Map, Threading)

    2) Overview of Mobile Operating Systems and their development environments.

    3) Getting Started with Android Programming

    • What is Android?
    • Android Versions & Features
    • Architecture of Android
    • Tools Required for Development (Java JDK, Eclipse, Android SDK, ADT)
    • Configuring the Android Development Environment.
    • Creating Android Virtual Devices (AVD)
    • Creating First Android Application
    • Anatomy of Android Application

    4) Activities

    • Understanding Activities
    • Life Cycle of Android Activity
    • Applying Styles and themes to Activities
    • Debugging Android Applications
    • Deploying Applications in Android Phone

    5) Understanding Layouts

    • Understanding the components of a screen (Views and View Groups)
    • Linear Layout
    • Relative Layout
    • Table Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • UI Design Tool

    6) Understanding Views

    • TextView , EditText, Button, Spinner, AutoCompleteTextView, CheckBox, RadioButton, ImageView, ImageSwitcher, GridView, Gallery View, Map View, Web View, List View, Scroll View etc.,
    • Units measurement (dp, sp)
    • Screen Orientation
    • Creating the UI using Code
    • Using Adapters to bind data to Views
    • Handling UI Events

    7) Intents

    • Linking Activities with Intents
    • Passing data to target activity
    • Returning results from Intents
    • Calling built-in applications using Intents
    • Intent Filters

    8) Understanding Menus

    • Options Menu
    • Context Menu
    • Sub Menu

    9) Understanding Dialogs

    • Alert Dialog
    • List Dialog
    • List Dialog with Checkboxes and Radio buttons
    • Progress Dialog (Spinning wheel, Horizontal)
    • Date Picker Dialog
    • Time Picker Dialog
    • Custom Dialog
    • Toasts
    • Custom Toast
    • Status bar Notifications

     10) Using Audio, Video and Camera in Android Applications

     11) Data Persistence

    • Saving and Loading user preferences
    • Saving to Internal Storage (Files)
    • Saving to External Storage (SD Card)

    12) SQLite

    • Creating and using databases
    • CRUD Operations

    13) Working in Background

    • Creating background threads and using Handlers to synchronize with the GUI thread
    • Using Async Tasks to manage background processing

    14) Content Providers

    • Sharing data using Content Providers
    • Creating own content providers

    15) Sending and receiving SMS messages and Broadcast Receivers

    16) Consuming Web services in Android 17) Location Based Services

    • Displaying Maps
    • Getting Location Data

    18) Android Services

    • Creating services
    • Communicating between a Service and an Activity
    • Binding Activities to Services

    19) Overview of Animations

    • Tweened and Frame-by-Frame Animations

    20) Overview of Telephony, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Sensors

    21) Signing and Publishing (Deploying) Android Applications

    22) UI Design Guidelines 23) SDK Tools Overview

    • DDMS, ADB, Android, Emulator, Hierarchy Viewer, Draw 9-Patch, Logcat, ProGuard

    24) Overview of Other Android Development Tools

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    • 2 weeks, 6 days

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